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To begin ;] Fatwpc10

    To begin ;]

    sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~
    sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~

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    Post by sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~ on Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:44 pm

    > I'm new ? I want to participate to this board ? =o okay !! I click on "register" to join the Fireflies ;]

    > my english is not very well =/ and/or I'm lazy to read english every time ? It's understanding ne ? x___x
    so !! the first stage : my homelanguage on this board ;]
    I click on "profile" then on "preferences" at the bottom, I should see that :
    To begin ;] Aide0110
    select then language I want see being used ^^

    > okay u_u now I understand more what this stuck wants...
    hum... important thing !! I allow HTML and BBCode =3 why ? =o If I don't I can't post videos, images or links =/ it's a shame !!! boards are better with that ;]

    > I check out my preferences and I don't forget to save !! okay, now I'm ready to begin ;]
    Fireflies !! Wait for me !!!

    see ya~~

    if you want to know anything also, come here ^^

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