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    Some rules

    sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~
    sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~

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    Some rules Empty Some rules

    Post by sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~ on Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:59 am

    Are you surprised ? =o You should not =P

    For a better harmony between fireflies please respect this rules :

    > write in english

    > don't write in sms language

    > no rascism, no insults, no battle of words u_u"

    > max seize of your avatar : 150*200
    you can post what you want as avatar ^^ you're allowed not to post your real photo =3

    > you can add a signature ^^ but you can't more of 500 characters =3

    > after you'll be registered, don't forget to introduce yourself ;] (here)
    in your presentation, you must to post one photo of you =o don't worry ^^ the forum "introduction" can only read by members ;]

    > important : your pseudo has to be composed by a nickname and your real name (that you write as you want). Why ? because some people has the same nickname et some people has the same real name ^^ so please do it =]

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