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    Somes rules to begin

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    Somes rules to begin

    Post by sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~ on Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:58 am

    Hi everyboby~~

    Thank you so much for choising our forum. Do you want us to become partners ? Well, this is the place !!

    You're not a member ? no worries, you can post your request ^-^
    You're already a member ? you've to post a request too !!
    however, one request a site/forum/blog...

    Please, complete this form for each request :
    Name : (to know whom i talk)
    URL : (enter the url of your page)
    Type : (specify what your page is : blog, forum/board, web site...)
    Theme : (what your page talks about)
    Contact : (send a email i can reach you or contact me at :, even you directly contact me, you've to post a request here)

    While your request is accepted, your topic will be locked and a new topic will be opened there.

    N.B. : no need to post a request when I'm the first to ask one ;]



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