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Why this board ? =o Fatwpc10

    Why this board ? =o

    sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~
    sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~

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    Why this board ? =o Empty Why this board ? =o

    Post by sessil ~{Yussy Miyu}~ on Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:07 pm

    Bonjour everyone,

    I guess you wonder why this board was born. I’m going to try to answer you as far as possible.

    To tell the truth, on the French net (and others ones I suppose XDD), we find a lot of information about Asia and it’s really wonderful. We can learn so many things without travelling, it’s a great advantage. And I’ve to say me to feel indebted towards Asian culture because it’s thanks to it I can smile and brave difficulties of the life. Moreover, I think I’m not the only French (European) person who has these feelings. That’s why, I want to share my own culture and I would like you to discover it, hoping it’ll please you.

    Then, don’t hesitate to give us your views, your ideas and ask us some information you want, not already being on the board ;]

    Nb : I admit I created this board in order to familiarize Asian people with French culture, but other visitors are welcome.

    Thank you.

    With my best love,

    sessil~{Yussy Miyu}~

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